The Online Property Business Builder

The Online Property Business Builder

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1 Full day of training from 3 in house Cogito Wealth team members. 

How to build a property business online in the current market.

How to generate leads for houses and investors online as well as building your reputation and credibility in order to scale. 

Available in digital format to be watched as many times as you wish. 


Here's What Is Covered In This 1 Day Training

7 Predictions For The Property Industry In 2020.

The seven BIG residential & commercial property  trends for the 2020’s, and how YOU can get ahead (and STAY ahead) of the competition.

The Cure To “Deal-Ending” Assumptions.

Find out how to remove all negative assumptions about property from your mind, ensuring you enter into and exit deals with confidence, ensuring you fully understand your numbers!

The Blueprint To Give Your Personal Brand Huge Amounts Of Instant Credibility & Growth.

How to take full advantage of the current market and explode onto the scene oozing of CREDIBILITY. Raising finance will never be an issue if you EXECUTE the processes that will rapidly accelerate both your REPUTATION & CONNECTIONS.

The Roadmap To An Automated Business.

How to build a successful and profitable property business with predictability and certainty. Learn the right way to scale a company through the many mistakes one of our partners has experienced over the last 24 months.

The Life Of A Start Up Property Investor.

Understand the trials and tribulations of a start up property entrepreneur who has transitioned from employed to self employed in the current market. An entrepreneur who made £20k profit from her first property deal and has achieved a cashflow of £1000 Net in under 12 months from her property business!

O.C.D - The Formula To Becoming Unstoppable.

Learn the formula that has not only resulted in one of our partners being able to leave her job within 10 months of starting her property business, but has also 10x'd her confidence and self belief!