Property Made Simple - V.I.P Special Entry Ticket

Property Made Simple - V.I.P Special Entry Ticket

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Property Made Simple - Start making money from property you don't own 

We understand that property education can be confusing.  There are many different strategies and plenty of "gurus" telling you what you need to do but they never show you how to do it. 

Property Made Simple has been designed to hold your hand while you are at the beginning of your property journey.  We provide you with practical ways to get started, we talk about what strategies may suit you, how to find the deals, how to make sure the deal stacks reducing your risk, what to say to the owners, landlords or agents when you do and how to set the property up or use it to create lumpy money. 

This event is suitable for complete beginners through to experienced property sourcers.  It compliments many other training programs. 

By The End Of The Day, You Will Know...

  • Fast Cashflow: How to make a minimum of £750 a month per property without owning a single one
  • Lumpy Money: Inject £5,000 chunks of money into your bank from deals you don't want
  • Deal Hunting: Where to find the deals and what to look for - there are deals EVERYWHERE!
  • Scripts: What to say to Landlords & Agents, so they give you an unlimited supply of houses
  • Financial Analysis: How to work out if a deal stacks or not - you don't want to take on a lemon!
  • Property On-Boarding: Setting up your houses and filling the rooms
  • Timing: Why NOW is the best time to start your property business

We have one job, to help you discover and perfect the system that I mastered in 2016, so that you, like me, can build a 6 figure property business in 12 months. 

Ready to learn more? 

This ticket option is the VIP Upgrade to Property Made Simple event which includes:
  • Exclusive QnA session in the lunch break
  • Access to quick registration
  • Priority seating
  • Early entry to the main training suite

Have your questions answered by Sarah Poynton Ryan during a 30 min exclusive and live Q&A.  If you are at the beginning of your journey and want to know where to start or if you have been in the game for a while and are hitting brick walls, Sarah will be on hand to get you through.