12 Month Property Entrepreneur Accountability Journal

12 Month Property Entrepreneur Accountability Journal

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What is a journal? 

As entrepreneurs the founders of Cogito Wealth have found that the difference between success and failure is the ability to plan your time and hold yourself accountable to what you set out to achieve. Journalling is the best way we have found to keep track of everything that is happening in your business and remind yourself how far you have come. 

This accountability journal was designed and created by property investors for property investors just like you. You are busy, you have more than one plate spinning at a time - we get it! 

Take control of your life TODAY!!

The journal is a 13 week journal designed to help you

 track progress
 plan your time
 be more efficient
 see your results
 understand yourself
 identify your strengths
 come from a place of service and gratitude 
 make your time count

You can order a 1 year journal here to track your progress for the next 12 months.