2 Days Tailored & Private 1-2-1 Implementation Workshop With Sarah Poynton-Ryan

2 Days Tailored & Private 1-2-1 Implementation Workshop With Sarah Poynton-Ryan

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Spend a whole day 1 on 1 with Sarah Poynton-Ryan and have her as an extension of your own property team. An intense and very hands on day from 9.30am to 5.30pm at the Cogito Wealth training centre in Milton Keynes. You will need to bring your device and phone so that Sarah can hold your hand as you implement what you are learning throughout the day.

Sarahs specialisms include

  • Sourcing - Identifying good from bad deals so you can make a profit
  • Marketing - Getting in front of your audience so you can help them
  • Lead generation - Talk to more people, more often so you can make more money
  • Agent & Landlord negotiations - Learn to sell without selling so you can turn a no into a yes
  • Rent to rent - build a high cash flowing portfolio and discover how to source tenants, manage the property and scale so you can replace your income
  • Recruiting - you cannot do this alone! Learn how to build a team so you can run a slick operation that serves and solves for your customer
  • Business planning - having the end in mind and working to create an accountability plan so that you can progress day in and day out
  • Sales - hit the phones and start pitching landlords and agents so that you can build your confidence and build a pipeline to chase after the training day

After the intense implementation day you will have 3 weeks of follow up calls with Sarah to check in with you so that you can ask any questions you need answering and for Sarah to actively hold you accountable and keep you moving forwards. 


  • Free parking
  • Working resources folder in the Cogito Wealth online members area
  • Tailored agenda to suit your business
  • Private lunch with Sarah

Leading up to the training Sarah will send you some prep work to complete. She will then produce an agenda that specifically delivers the outcomes you are looking to achieve from this dedicated time with her.